Education Program

The CIHLC in partnership with the Collaborative Change Leadership (CCL) Program is proud to announce the completion of the first year of an advanced program aimed at senior and high potential leaders in healthcare and health education. The 2014/15 Integrated Program integrated the unique components of community engagement (CE) and social accountability (SA) developed by the CIHLC.  For information on the upcoming 2015-2016 CCL program please visit the Collaborative Change Leadership website.

The goal of the advanced CCL program is to develop people to lead health system transformation and enable socially accountable change in their community.


Grounded in leadership, change and social accountability theories, processes and practices, this Program was designed for leaders who are driven to engage communities in a meaningful way and to create and sustain system changes that enhance the health of underserved populations.

Participants co-created a Capstone Project with a community that has been identified as a priority population, which includes frail elderly, aboriginal peoples, mental health, non-communicable diseases/ chronic illness, youth and women, and lower- socioeconomic status. The focus was on, but is not limited to interprofessional care and education, quality and safety, and patient/family/community-centered care.