The CIHLC has been very active in knowledge dissemination and knowledge transfer activities across the globe. Several scholarly articles and book chapters outlining the work of the CIHLC have been drafted and are at various stages of submission.

Articles published:

ISSL articleMacPhee, M., Paterson, M., Tassone, M., Marsh, D., Berry, S., Bainbridge, L.,…Verma, S.(2013). “Transforming health systems through collaborative leadership: Making change happen!” 5th International Service Learning Symposium Paper Series. 

Careau, E., Biba, G., Brander, R., Van Dijk, J.P., Verma, S., Paterson, M., Tassone, M. (2014). “Health Leadership Education Programs, Best Practices and Impact on Learners’ Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes & Behaviors and System Change: A Literature Review”Journal of Health Leadership.

Book Chapter Published:

MacPhee, M., Berry, S., Brander R., Van Dijk, J.,  Bainbridge L., Paterson, M. (2014). “A hybrid approach to service learning via a new leadership development program”. P. L. Lin, M. R. Wiegand, & A. R. Smith-Tolken, (Ed). Service-Learning in Higher Education: Building Community Across the Globe. Indianapolis, Indiana: University of Indianapolis Press.